D.S. & DURGA Spirit Lamp Candle 200g

Duftlys med fersken, ingefær, kokosmelk og musk 

kr 850,00

Spirit Lamp er en spennende duft med fersken, ingefær, kokos og sølv.

Toppnoter: Varmt metall, fersken, bitterappelsin
Hjertenoter: Hvit ingefær, kokosnøttmelk
Basenoter: Musk, oolong te

Inside the water boils with legendary bohea tea (an oolong probably from near the Wuyi Mountain preserve). The steam is peachy, airy, with touches of bleached ginger and coconut milk.
The air of a colonial brothel given respite by the freshness of this rare tea drunk to stay up all night reading fortunes in a smoky den.-D.S.

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