MEMO Paris Vaadhoo EDP 75ml

Aromatisk, spicy og spennende duft, med amarant, ingefær og patchouli

kr 2 500,00

En intens, frisk duft som også er aromatisk og spicy. Med amarant ("immortal flower"), ingefær og patchouli som tilfører duften trenoter og grønne noter, i en oppsiktsvekkende, unik parfyme.

What would you take to a desert island? On Vaadhoo, lost in the Maldives, you have everything you desire. A hint of ginger, a sparkle of basil, an armful of blackcurrant buds to start with. Here at night, the sea illuminates, showing you the path to your own secret. The stars seem to have decided to leave the sky at dusk to reach the sea and illuminate your mind. And there they miraculously become starfish. You can write your hopes, dreams and desires on the surface of the shimmering water. They appear as if by magic. You stand near the shore, surrounded by an enchanting smell of vetiver, patchouli and moss, everything silent around you, and suddenly images flow through your mind. You feel free and peaceful, full of new visions. Why go back to the mainland?

Toppnote: Ingefær, Basilikum

Hjertenote: Geranium, Immotell, Jasmin

Bunnote: Vetiver, patchouli og mose

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