Omorovicza Magic Moisture Mist 50ml

kr 895,00

En fuktighetsspray med en ny innovativ formula som kombinerer olje og vann. Gir en vektløs og lett fukt til huden samtidig som den beskytter mot forurensning, og den nærende oljen fornyer huden og gir den glød. Inneholder hele 13 essensielle oljer inkludert hvetekimolje, macadamiaolje, avokadoolje, nyperoseolje og søt mandelolje.

"The mist is so so fine and it gave my skin an instant boost in glow and plumpness. It will be perfect for topping up moisture levels if you don’t want to touch your face when you’re out and about... It’s the perfect quick fix." - Really Ree

"The mist is incredibly fine and delicate, so you hardly feel it on your skin..., it’s truly nourishing, and instantly hydrates leaving my skin looking visibly plumper and with a noticeable glow. I’ve used this both before and after applying my makeup and it’s worked beautifully either way. This is now a must-have product to pack on all my future holidays." - Get The Gloss


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